Expertise beats complexity

We are the IT service provider with the highest concentration of expertise.

We do most of our business at present in German-speaking countries, so the English site is a condensed version of the content of our German website and summarises key facts. We are always pleased to hear from international companies – and we already have a good record of projects with English-speaking customers. All our staff have excellent written and spoken English, as well as experience of international business.


Klaus Eberhardt

After completing his degree in information technology, Klaus Eberhardt worked for over ten years at software foundry sd&m in a range of professional roles: developer, project manager and finally as a member of the management board. Throughout his career, his remits have always included large-scale projects and large corporate clients.

„It’s the quality of the employees that determines what a company is capable of. We expect conceptual thinking abilities, total commitment and excellent “people skills” from everyone who works at iteratec. And it’s then up to us to ensure our people have right working environment for their skills to flourish.

Mark Goerke

Mark Goerke studied mathematics and information technology. He gained experience in software engineering at IBM Germany and sd&m, working as a developer, project manager and segment manager. Mark Goerke has always relished the challenge of finding the most appropriate solution – in technical and business terms – for complex IT problems, and ensuring they fit properly into organisational structures.

„Successful software projects are all about getting the processes right. The people are what drive the systems.


Klaus Eberhardt and Mark Goerke founded iteratec GmbH on July 1, 1996. One year later, the young company already had a staff of 16 IT specialists. With demand for its services consistently strong throughout its history, the company has an unbroken record of growth. Today, iteratec employs over 200 people at six locations.

iteratec stands for iterative software technologies. Our name is our philosophy. Our founders were convinced that the right way to go about software engineering was through a spiral model as proposed by Barry Boehm: through iterative and incremental development, with a key focus on risk analysis. Over the years, and over the course of many projects, iteratec has developed its own process model from this original approach.

Software engineering on the basis of object orientation is another contributor to success. Clean, tidy work is paramount, in both programming and project management. Many methods that are today standard practice were part of iteratec’s toolkit years ago – when others still viewed the techniques with suspicion.

Successful projects and good references are key to driving the growth of any company. Yet it’s equally important to make sure we recruit and retain the high quality staff who will keep the company on its growth trajectory. iteratec recruits staff through rigorous selection procedures. Anyone who wants to join the iteratec team must have a solid educational background, as well as the potential and drive to grow and develop with the company.


Our teams combine tried-and-tested and innovative approaches. Tried-and-tested, because our customers have been developing and running IT systems for decades, and changes have to take existing structures into account. Innovative, because our customers look to us to introduce the modern methods and architectures that will underpin their long-term strategies.

This combination is something we’re very good at, and we’ve grown and evolved continually since our foundation in 1996.

We do most of our consulting and project work in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, so it‘s essential that our staff have excellent spoken and written German in addition to their expertise. If you think you have the right profile, visit our German career website.