Expertise beats complexity

We are the IT service provider with the highest concentration of expertise.

About iteratec

iteratec is the software and IT service provider with the highest concentration of expertise. Our range of services ranges from developing IT strategies to technological and methodological consultancy services, e.g. in the areas of IT Security or Web Performance, as well as to the individual programming of complete software systems. Customers such as adidas, BMW, Daimler, Otto and many more entrust our excellent team with a variety of challenging and diverse projects. This is the basis of our economic success and continuous growth.

iteratec employs over 200 people at six locations.

Performance is the deciding factor

Web applications are becoming more and more popular and increasingly taking the place of traditional systems. At the same time, the expectations of internal and external users are rising and requirements of B2C are being transferred to B2B. This presents new challenges for companies. It is no wonder that the performance of web applications has become an essential success factor and is increasingly focused upon.

The basic requirements for optimising web performance are the inventory and monitoring aspects. In order to achieve this, a variety of media and devices need to be considered, factors relevant to the customer have to be examined and the impact on the success of the business understood. For this reason, iteratec GmbH has developed a tool for Performance Measurement: the OpenSpeed​​Monitor!